jeudi 18 août 2011

You see her dancing

She is a dancer 
Not because she looks it 
Or performs it so she must be 

She is dancer
Not because she stands up 
making the crowds applaud

She is a dancer
Not because she hears music and moves
Landing on rhythms that wear out her shoes 

She is dancer
not because anyone told her so
And she believed it
So in her mind she is it 

She is a dancer
Not because she knows the names of the moves 
And will teach you how to pronounce them 

She is dancer 
Only because she dances 

She is a dancer 
so when you see her
You see her dancing. 

A dancer with no music
Knows their music

A dancer with no stage 
Is always on stage 

A dancer with no audience 
Is their audience 

Malik Ameer Crumpler 
Amber Hymns : poems, prayers, raps

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